Transcription Companies


Flowscribe helps transcription companies to manage their dictations and transcriptions in the cloud.

Benefit from the following:

  • Have your transcriptionists accessing from multi locations without installing any software.
  • Your data is secure in the cloud and accessed at your fingertips
  • With our servers at Microsoft Azure Data Centers, you benefit from reliable performance and access to terabytes of storage.
  • Your clients can dictate using Philips and Olympus devices, as well other devices can be supported on demand.
  • Your clients can dictate from web or mobile from anywhere at any time using the internet.
  • Customized integration and have your clients dictations automatically uploaded to the cloud.
  • Manage and deliver dictations online and set their priority level.
  • Set alerts for your clients when dictations are available.
  • Custom workflow and integration are available on demand.
  • With a small subscription you can instantly transform your business to the next level.