How It Works

Flowscribe Cloud-based Medical Speech Recognition & Transcription Workflow Solution

Flowscribe allows Physicians or Radiologists dictate medical reports and notes.

Flowscribe allows them to use

  • Medical speech recognition using desktop, web or mobile apps
  • Or voice transcription transcription using web or mobile apps

Flowscribe for healthcare integrates with existing hospital management system or clinical software, allowing physicians to perform their medical documentation without opening the clinical software, from anywhere at any time.

  • Physicians can perform dictations from anywhere at anytime, view their patients appointments and select their patient and perform the medical documentation
  • Flowscribe will seamlessly take the dictated report and update the Electronic Medical Record of the patient in the clinical software

Your hospital or Clinic can benefit from Flowscribe Health analytics to capture health statistics directly from the dictated free text using Clinical Language Understanding, to expose desired KPIs

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