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Feb, 2020

Flowscribe For Healthcare

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Flowscribe For Healthcare

2016 statistics state that there are approximately 7.4 billion people on earth. Let us take a moment to think of what that means in the field of medicine. If people only visit hospitals once a year that means there are 7.4 billion reports. If people visit 2 times a year, then that’s 14.8 billion reports. With the growing population hospitals and clinics have to handle a huge amount of patients with all types of medical cases.


It is nothing short of a miracle that hospitals and clinics manage to handle the ever-growing amount of patients every day. Patient care is the utmost important objective for any medical center and Flowscribe addresses this best.


Flowscribe is a leading innovation in speech recognition. It is designed to enhance patient care at any hospital or clinic for any doctor, physician or medical professional.



  1. Saves doctors time granting them the ability to give patients more focus and time.
  1. Accurately and precisely dictates speech to text.
  1. Generates reports, documentation, referrals, and all medical documents up to 3 times faster.
  1. Ensures that patients’ files are well documented, as doctors can document and dictate from anywhere at any time (from their mobile inside or outside hospital or clinic).
  1. Is HIPAA compliant, and can work as a standalone solution or integrated with any clinic or hospital software.
  1. Is available on the cloud with affordable monthly subscription for clinics, as well available as a standalone solution deployed inside hospital.


Another very important advantage of Flowscribe is that it is fully customizable for every possible need of hospitals, clinics, doctors, and management staff. This further heightens the positive impact Flowscribe has on patient care.

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