About Flowscribe


Flowscribe is an innovative company focused on building and providing the latest speech recognition and transcription technologies.


To help businesses save time, by building and providing the latest speech and transcription technologies, and customizing it to perfectly fit the current processes at your business. And thus have speech customized for your business.


We provide the latest speech recognition and transcription technologies from world leaders in Speech Recognition, and we provide specific speech recognition context per industry. Your business can use the public or private cloud to directly access speech recognition and transcription services, and we provide integration with software at your business.

Your employees can dictate from multiple locations at any time from anywhere, using their mobile phones or web browsers or desktop applications,  and have their reports generated within minutes.

We study your business requirements, and we dedicate a team to execute and deliver the project satisfying your business expectations.


Your authors can dictate using three modes:

1- Frontend speech recognition where they speak and the Speech recognition engine displays the text immediately on the screen.

2- Classical transcription mode, your authors dictate and dictation is saved on cloud for transcription.

3- Hybrid transcription mode, authors dictate and the recorded dictation is sent to server where Speech Recognition engine recognizes the dictation, before sending it to the transcriptionist for review.

After the dictation is transcribed, the dictation is sent back to the Speech recognition engine to perform the speech learning process and improve the author speech profile.